Cumberland University Men's Volleyball



The Dallas Floyd Recreation Center opened in 1992 as a 2,000-seat facility and serves as the practice and playing arena for the Bulldog volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball teams. The CU wrestling team also hosts dual meets and open tournaments in the facility during the academic year as well.

The building includes locker rooms for the volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball teams as well as two visiting locker rooms. In the last five years both of the scoreboards have been replaced, including one that includes players in the game along with their points and fouls. Also new shot clocks have been installed during that time and mounted to the top of the backboards along with countdown clocks connected to the scoreboard in all five locker rooms.

The basketball and volleyball locker rooms have all been upgraded in recent years as well, including new player lockers, carpeting and painting and wood flooring in the men’s basketball locker room.

Phone, Ethernet lines and power are installed on the floor on the home side of the arena and phone, Ethernet lines and power and available on the suite level above the main seating area on the home side as well. Newly-installed phone, Ethernet lines and power are now available on the visitor’s side of the building on the floor in advance of the 2014 Mid-South Conference Basketball Championships.

The gym floor is sanded and repainted each summer by a professional company just in time for the start of the fall practice schedule.

The building has hosted numerous Cumberland postseason basketball and volleyball tournament games as well as district and region tournament contests for local high schools. The CU wrestling program hosted the 2011 Mid-South Conference Wrestling Championships as well.

The Cumberland Athletic Department offices are housed within the facility, which includes 10 offices for coaches and staff, a conference room and one small storage area.

The DFRC hosts a number of events outside of the athletic department each year, including intramural sports, gymnastics meets and Boy Scouts meetings. The University’s largest fundraiser of the year, the annual Phoenix Ball, recently returned to the Dallas Floyd as well.